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... The music that evening was a flag for peace and fraternity between people. The famous and outstanding duo :nota bene: is a couple in life as well as in their musical message. Through this close daily sharing, the communication becomes perfect, despite the hard competition shown between piano and violin, where Eva Steinschaden handled the violin with expansive confidence.
In Mozart's Sonata for piano and violin KV 296 in C major the duo showed perfect harmony in an atmosphere enhanced by bursts of applause from the audience, who listened to the two artists with delight and enthusiasm. What a genial dialogue between piano and violin! This sonata has introduced more than one Duo to the world of legend. Tonight, this exceptional duo came to complete the series and secure its continuity.
In Schubert's Sonata for piano and violin D 385 in A minor, Steinschaden ­ with eyes closed, strolling in a world made for people of genius ­ expressed the visions of this work, and Vavtar was bound attentively to the relationship with his partner, to the note and the melody; this attention allowed the violinist to play with confidence, performing the piece in the right spirit.
In Brahms's Sonata for piano and violin op. 100 in A major the violin flowed like a waterfall, respecting the techniques of Brahms and his Romanticism, while the piano entered into the dialogue without overwhelming the poetic quality of the string part.
In Webern's "Four pieces" op 7, polyphonic voices spread in all directions from piano and violin, separated from each other, reminding us of sounds heard in daily life.
(An-Nahar/Lebanon, September 2002)


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